Buy 4-Stroke 40CC Kids Gas Pocket Bike

  • REAL EXPERIENCE: With its pull-start 4-stroke engine, the 40CC Gas Pocket Bike is designed to provide kids the excitement and performance of a real motorcycle.
  • OUTDOOR FUN: Take a break from smartphones and tablets! Bring your kids to an outdoor adventure and create fun memories that indoor environment cannot provide.
  • 4-STROKE ENGINE: The motor’s 4-stroke engine is very fuel efficient and environmental friendly, and has a long engine life that can provide your kids great fun and long-term entertainment.
  • STURDY MATERIAL: The 40CC Gas Pocket Bike is made of steel frames that has high tensile strength, and cannot be damaged easily if under proper use.
  • EPA REGISTERED: The 40CC Gas Pocket Bike is registered by the Environmental Protection Agency, meaning it does not cause unreasonable adverse effects on your health or the environment when used according to label instructions.


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