Classic design mini bike

This classic design of this  mini bike is instantly enchanting, and will strike a chord with road hogs young and old. The Gasbike 200cc Mini Bike with suit your taste for adventure whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or first-time biker. This model is a nostalgic, reliable off-road mini bike that can packs a powerful 196cc engine, supported by a sturdy metal frame and racks for years of fast fun. The easy pull-start feature makes for a smooth learning curve for newbies. This mini bike is made with low-pressure tires that provide a soft and stable ride, great for adults and older kids alike. Pair this sweet ride with a helmet and protective gear and off you go. Gasbike 200cc Mini Bike:

  • Easy pull-start operation
  • Powerful 196cc engine provides plenty of power
  • Low-pressure tires provide a soft and stable off-road mini bike ride
  • Sturdy metal frame and racks will withstand many years of use
  • Rugged and proven clutch, jackshaft and chain drive
  • Rear drum; handle-operated kids’ mini brake
  • Parts and service readily available
  • Safety Rules for the Gasbike 200cc Mini Bike:
  • Always wear a helmet and other protective gear
  • No riders under age 16 on adult
  • No passengers on single-rider
  • Ride only on designated unpaved areas at safe speeds
  • Never ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Ride an that is right for your age
  • are not toys – they are powerful and potentially dangerous
  • Always take an Training Course;

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